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Monday, December 21, 2009

Chicken Schnitzel with Mustard Sauce


Frying makes things better. Don’t try to argue this point, it is quite possibly one of the few universal truths. If everyone ate more fried chicken we might have world peace. This recipe made The Husband very happy and he’s not even a big fan of chicken. I suppose a crispy, breaded coating can change anyone’s mind. You can find the recipe here.



There was a mustard sauce that accompanied the chicken which was very fast to make. You basically mix Greek yogurt with grainy mustard. I let it sit in the fridge while I prepared the chicken.


Here is my coating ready to go. I mixed the flour with paprika, nutmeg, salt and pepper. The bread crumbs were mixed with dried parsley, the original recipe calls for dried marjoram but The Husband is not a big fan.


Usually when I make schnitzel I use just a teensy bit of oil in an attempt to make them healthier. This doesn’t work as the coating ends up toasting and burning in the pan and it is a sad looking affair. This time I ended up using about half an inch of oil in the pan to make them crispy. After coating them I put them in the pan to cook. I bought very thin chicken cutlets so they didn’t take long.


After flipping them over they were nice and golden.


I served the schnitzel besides some saffron and petit pois pilaf and a dollop of the mustard sauce. As I mentioned The Husband loved this meal. When making schnitzel there is no substitute for frying; baking and “frying” with only a tiny bit of oil does not do the job. The coating was crispy and had a really nice flavour. I liked the sauce, even though The Husband said it lacked flavour but then again I love sauce on everything. This didn’t take long so it was definitely a repeat.

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