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Friday, July 2, 2010

Honey Cake


I have a deep abiding love for Bundt cakes. Maybe it’s the texture? I do love cakes with something of a heft in them so when I saw a recipe for Honey Cake in a recipe book and offered to make it for The Husband he was enthusiastic. Apparently he had been reading a fantasy book in which the elves ate honey cakes to sustain themselves which made him want to try a real one. Yes, we are geeks and have a basement full of Star Wars posters to prove it.

The recipe I used is a lot like this one except I used coffee instead of milk, beat the egg whites separately and didn’t use whiskey. I’d type the one I did use but I don’t want to have to pawn off my KitchenAid mixer should I get sued for copyright infringement.


Whipped egg whites.


Flour, cinnamon, ground ginger and nutmeg.


I just had to show you guys the pretty hand painted jar in which the honey came.


Milk. The colour looks weird because I had measured the honey in there as well.


Wet and dry ingredients plus the egg yolks.


All mixed up together.


Carefully cutting the egg whites in.


Ready to go in the oven.


Since I am incorrigible I made a glaze with icing sugar, honey and some milk.


Before icing.


After. I made too much glaze and it ended up running off the plate. I took one for the team and ate the excess off a spoon.


This cake was delicious. Usually I’m a chocolate dessert kind of girl but the spices and the honey went together wonderfully. It was very moist, dense and kept really well. The Husband was very please except he was expecting mini cakes since apparently that is what the elves in the fantasy book ate. No, I am not making this up, even after 10 years, he still cracks me up. Tags: ,
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