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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Atti- Korean Restaurant Review

One thing Montreal needs more of is Korean restaurants so when the Montreal food blog group that I belong to decided to go to a Korean restaurant I was really happy. They really are a great bunch of people and it is always nice to spend time with other people who are as passionate about food as I am. If you're a food blogger in Montreal drop me a line and we'll invite you to the next meetup.

It took a while for everyone to get there but when we did we all took our time looking at the menu.

I ended up ordering the Bibimbap with chicken and spicy sauce. Basically it is different vegetables with chicken on rice served with small side dishes called banchan.

Service was a bit spotty. We had a hard time getting water refills even though the waiters were just standing around most of the night. One of the foodies, Elaine, ordered tea. When they brought it to her they gave her a cup of hot water and a tea bag. I found that a bit off as every Korean/Chinese/Japanese restaurant I have ever been to gives you tea for free and they serve it to you from a tea pot.

The food took a while to arrive, but to be fair there were around 10 of us there. Doesn't my main course look colourful? It was served with red rice which I had never had before but which I really liked. I mixed everything up (so much for the nice little piles) and asked for extra sauce since the chicken was a lot on the dry side.

There were three small side dishes served with the meal. The first one was a scallion omelet with seaweed in the middle. This was my favourite part of the meal. The eggs were nice and fluffy, just firm enough and not overcooked.

Next came the Kimchi which is hot pickled cabbage. I love this stuff and could eat it alone with rice and be happy.

This was just plain beansprouts with some seasoning. This was ok but nothing special.

There was also a soup. It tasted a bit like miso and was incredibly salty.

Here are some dishes which other people ordered:

Tofu stew. The person who was eating this, Victor, actually ended up adding water to it since it was also was very salty. Maybe the cook messed up a batch of broth?

I think this was Bulgogi but I don't remember.

I can't remember what this was. Sorry! We actually went a few weeks ago so my memory is a bit hazy.

These were seafood pancakes with Kimchi which were actually really good. Judy, the person who ordered them very nicely gave people a taste. I had never had them before and this will be what I will probably order next time.

Overall the restaurant didn't dazzle me but it was decent. The price is right and you can get dinner for under 20 bucks including tax and tip. I would go again since this is downtown and in a convenient spot. They opened up not too long ago so maybe over time they will improve and tighten up their service and food standards.
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