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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sugar Pie

One of the greatest desserts known to mankind has to be Sugar Pie. If you love super sweet desserts like me it is a must try. The recipe is here. If you don't speak French run it through babelfish or some other translation program and you should be fine. It is very easy to make and utterly delicious.

First of all: the pie dough. This recipe is a bit different in that it calls for egg yolks in the pie dough which gives it a nice yellow colour. Since you've all seen me make pie dough a million times I won't give you the blow by blow description but you still get the photos.

I think I am a pretty accomplished cook but I suck at crimping pie dough. My sister can do it so her pies look perfect but alas, mine end up looking a wee bit more rustic.

If you're wondering what the weird little balls are, they are pie weights which I use to blind bake pies. I looked for them forever and finally found some at Williams-Sonoma (I really wish we had one in Montreal!). Every time I go there when I go to Toronto it is like a pilgrimage.

The filling for Sugar Pie is mostly comprised of those things which make life worth living: carbs (sugar) and fat (cream and egg yolks), along with a tablespoon or so of flour to thicken everything up and some vanilla extract.

The filling is cooked until it comes to a boil and then poured into the pie crust which is then returned to the oven.


Once it comes out the pie has to cool otherwise the filling is too runny. I of course, had to resist the urge to cut myself a piece right away.

I love sugar pie. Pie crust + sugary filling = instant winner. It is however rich enough that even though I am tempted I won't eat it with ice cream. I actually double the amount of filling because I love it so much. Since it is terribly indulgent I rarely make it but whenever I do it doesn't last long!
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