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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fish Tacos


One of the reasons I love fish is that it is so quick and easy to cook. However, I actually don’t cook it that often so I am always trying to think of new ways to prepare it. One if my favourite ways is to make fish tacos. While I grew up eating tacos since my family is Latin American, I had never actually heard of fish tacos until I saw them in an Americanized Latin food cookbook. These are supper easy and can easily be put together in less than 20 minutes, perfect for a fast dinner.


For your fish you can use pretty much any kind of boneless, skinless, white fish fillets. I always use tilapia though since it is inexpensive and thaws quickly. I would avoid using cod however, since the flavour is so strong.


I can’t even remember when I bought this bottle of Worcestershire sauce but I finally got to the end of it with this recipe.


I added a few generous splashes to the fish along with some salt, pepper and minced garlic. This then went into the fridge to marinade while I prepared the chipotle sauce and the garnishes.


To go inside your tacos you need cucumbers cut in long thin strips.


And fresh cilantro.


The sauce for fish tacos is usually made with a base of mayo but to lighten the recipe I decided to use non-fat Greek yogurt. This stuff is such a staple for me, I buy two tubs every week and use it often to replace sour cream in recipes. It is also amazing mixed with some honey and granola sprinkled on top for breakfast. If they every stopped selling this stuff I might have to chain myself to the dairy section of the grocery store in protest.


I scooped around a cup of the yogurt into a bowl and added a generous amount of minced chipotle in adobo.


I gave that a stir and mixed in salt and pepper as well as a heaping tablespoon of mayo.


I gave that a taste and decided to put in a few generous squirts of lime juice.


Last but not least, some chopped green onions.


At this point I started to cook my fish. You could either dip the pieces in flour and then fry them or just cook them in a pan. To make it healthier and cut down on the prep time I just chucked the fish in a hot pan for a few minutes.


All done. It flaked a bit but that’s ok.


Assembly time now. First the fish.


Then the cucumbers and the cilantro.


Finished off with a generous amount of the chipotle yogurt sauce.


Do try this for dinner. I love the crunchy cucumbers with the soft fish, fresh cilantro and the cool, creamy yogurt sauce. It is really good and you really don’t need a recipe to prepare this. If you use a very neutral flavoured fish you could even make this for someone for isn’t a fan of fish. I’m still working on getting The Husband to try fish though! Tags: ,
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