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Friday, November 13, 2009

La Carreta- El Salvadorean Restaurant Review

I was born in a tiny little country called El Salvador, lots of internal problems but the food is good. My friend Roxy was always telling me about an El Salvadorian restaurant that she knew so we finally decided to go a few weeks ago. She promised me good eats and I was not disappointed. By the way La Carreta means "the cart" in Spanish and in case you're in Montreal the address is 350, rue Saint-Zotique East.


We started off by ordering a pitcher of sangria to share between the two of us. It was really good and not too heavy on the wine which is the way I like it. I've usually had sangria with orange slices bobbing around but this had bits of apple which was a nice change.


First of all I have to state that I ordered too much food. I was so excited about being in an El Salvadorian restaurant that I went a bit nuts. For an appetizer I ordered yucca con chicharron. Basically it is chunks of pork deep fried along with yucca, also known as cassava. Yucca tastes like a much starchier potato. This was so good that I wanted to go in the kitchen and hug the cook; it had been years since I had eaten this. It reminded me of food that my mom used to cook when I lived at home. Deep frying makes everything better.


Next I had a pupusa (stuff corn tortilla) which had cheese, pork, refried beans and loroco. Loroco is a small green unopened flower bud which is used as an herb in Central America. It is hard for me to describe the taste. It tastes green, yeah, it's not a very helpful description but everyone from El Salvador loves this stuff. Of course to eat pupusas you need curtido (pickled cabbage) and salsa de tomate (tomato sauce, but this doesn't taste like Italian tomato sauce).

Next there was casamiento. This literally means "marriage" in Spanish, which it is, a marriage of beans and rice. They poured Spanish sour cream on top which is a lot more liquid than what you find in the grocery store. I didn't even make a dent in this, I had a taste but I was too full to eat more.

I know I said that I had no more room but after 15 minutes of digestion I was able to find a tiny corner of my stomach to cram full with a churro. The ones we had were full of dulce de leche. They were a lot denser than I am used to. I suppose that they make them this way to be able to support the filling. They also tasted almost like they had potato flour or mashed potatoes in the batter. 

Needless to say I was absolutely stuffed after this meal. I had to practically roll myself to the train station. I am really glad Roxy introduced me to this restaurant and I will most definitively be back!

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