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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitchen Sink Cookies


Some people do yoga to relax but I like to bake; it is my tasty form of meditation. I’ve seen a recipe floating around the internet for “Compost Cookies”, basically chocolate chip cookies into which you add whatever sweet and salty ingredients that you happen to have on hand (i.e. chocolate chip cookies and potato chips). Since I’m not a big fan of sweet and salty mixed together I made this all sugary, gooey version. I based my version on this Martha Stewart recipe. 


I wanted to add toffee chips to my cookies. Since I couldn’t find any, I improvised.


I unwrapped a bag of toffee candies.


Chucked them into the food processor.


And voila! They weren’t all perfectly uniform in size but close enough.

KItchen Sink Cookies

In addition I decided to use white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips and marshmallows. Because clearly, I believe in moderate amounts of sugar.


White sugar, brown sugar, butter. My brown sugar decided to turn into a brick so I had to microwave it to try to soften it up. I beat all of this really well, until it was super fluffy, since I’ve read that it helps the cookie texture.


The eggs. Oops, forgot to take a step of the flour stage.


Adding in all the glorious mix-ins.



I had a taste of the raw cookie dough. For quality assurance purposes, of course.


I tried to make sure that I got a nice mixture in each cookie.



These cookies were absolutely glorious. The toffee bits and the marshmallows became really gooey and added a really great texture. They spread more than I wanted them to but they were so good. I gave away a lot of them and everyone loved them. You cannot go wrong with toffee chips, white chocolate, milk chocolate and marshmallows. Tags:
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