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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fresh Naan from scratch

I have been on a huge Indian food kick lately. Jamie Oliver's new book, "Jamie's Food Revolution" has a whole chapter on home-made curry pastes and I've really been enjoying trying them out. I decided to make Naan this weekend. The recipe is very easy . It's basically flour, an egg, milk, yeast and water. I decided to make them on my little stove top grill. I took the picture above right before I flipped them. I got excited when they started puffing up like in the recipe. Below is the picture after I flipped them. Seriously, warm bread is one of the greatest things in like. I had to keep from inhaling the whole batch. I ate them with tandoori salmon and shrimp but they're so good even with non-Indian food. This morning I had one smeared with cream cheese and a slice of applewood smoked ham. This recipe is definitively a repeat!

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