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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Somethings I just can't bring myself to make

Whenever I cook I always vacillate between indulgence and flagellating myself for eating too much fat, sugar and carbs (in other words, everything that makes food worth eating). Don't get me wrong, I enjoy salads as much as anyone but certain things I just can't bring myself to make. I decided to subscribe to the magazine above in a fit of good intentions. Unfortunately, after receiving it for a while I've only made a few recipes. This month's offerings include brownies made with sweet potatoes and burritos made with edamame. *Shudder* I'm starting to think about getting a subscription to Fine Cooking instead where butter is not a dirty word.

But seriously, even though I try to cut down on fat and not go overboard since some recipes use insane amounts (Paula Deen and Ina Gartner, I'm looking at both of you) some dishes are not meant to be healthy. Deviled eggs with silken tofu in lieu of the yolks are not a party dish but an abomination. I remember buying a healthy cooking book which insisted that yogurt with a dash of vanilla and a bit of sugar was a perfectly suitable substitute for icing. Alas, but no. I always wonder what butter/sugar/carb deprived individuals manage to convince themselves of that sort of thing. So while I strive to not go overboard with my cooking when it comes to food preparation you will have to pry my sticks of butter out of my cold, dead hands. That is, if they don't melt first.
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