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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Meal Pictures: Part I

 Even though I cook a lot and I make valiant efforts to post often I can never seem to find enough time to blog about everything I cook. Since I have a lot of food pictures, here I present to you, without much ado, some of the thing I have been cooking over the last few weeks.

Goat cheese and roasted tomato tart with a parmesan and herb crust along with chicken in a tarragon cream sauce.


Chinese style spicy minced pork with eggplant and Szechuan peppercorns. Doesn't photograph well but tasted awesome.


Jalapeno poppers filled with cream cheese and topped with bacon. Delicious but something that should not be indulged in too often.


Gouda, thyme and mushroom turkey meatloaf with potato pancakes and some sour cream on the side.


Beef and noodle stew for The Husband.

Breaded chicken thighs with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes with some mashed potatoes lurking in the background. This recipe is actually The Husband's specialty, I've never made it.


Lasagna with three kinds of meat and bechamel sauce. It sort of fell apart when I took the first piece out since it was still hot. Still delicious though.

Pork paprika which The Husband made. He's actually been cooking more lately during weekdays.

So that clears out my backlog of pictures. I have more new stuff to post over the next week.
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