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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vietnamese Food

I'm sorry I'm behind on my posting. It's been a crazy week. I still have lots of photos from Toronto to get on the blog.

While I was in Toronto I went to eat Vietnamese food for the first time. It's funny, I love pretty much all kinds of Asian food but I had never made it into a Vietnamese restaurant before. This restaurant is a favourite of my Dad's and he specially loves the Pho. I have to admit though I'm not a soup as a main dish kind of person but I will try everything once (well, almost anything. Not natto).

Here is a shot of my sister's seafood Pho which I had a sip of. It was nice a spicy and had lots of different kinds of seafood.

After looking at the menu I decided to go with regular Pho and three accompanying sides: fried tofu, spring rolls and lemongrass grilled beef. I have to say I thought the Pho was ok but the sides were amazing. The spring rolls were so much better than the average run of the mill Chinese spring rolls. There was shrimp inside and I think mushrooms and they were crispy and hot. The lemongrass beef in particular was incredible. It was really flavourful and amazingly tender. If I ever go back to this place I think I will order a big plate of just the beef and the spring rolls. The fried tofu was also good but I felt that it needed its own dipping sauce, although I ended up using the sauce that came with the spring roll. All in all it was a great meal, although I don't know how anyone other than a starving teenage boy can finish the huge bowl of noodles that they serve. My dad had no problem though!

Here's a shot of my Pho. I definitely need to find a good Vietnamese restaurant in Montreal and go taste more Vietnamese dishes.
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