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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Whole Foods

This weekend I got to go to the mecca of yuppie food lovers, Whole Food. To all of you that have a Whole Foods near you, I can say that I am wildly jealous. Cheap, this place is not but it is fabulous when it comes to what they have to offer.

They have a large fresh baked bread section and we managed to get there as a lot of things were coming out the the oven. I bought a chocolate chip ciabatta bun and a raisin scone both of which were still warm. They also had fresh cookies and lots of different kinds of bread.

Here is a shot of their brownie and iced cookie selection. Most of their baked goods have ingredient listings which is nice since you know what went into the products if you have any food intolerance. They use high quality ingredients and you can really taste it in their products. Personally I'm not all that on board with organic products because they tend to be so much more expensive than their conventional counterparts but maybe I'll start experimenting with cage free eggs and organic butter in the future.

Their cheese selection was awesome. Lots of cheeses from around the world. They even had Fior di Latte and Buffalo mozzarella which are incredibly hard to find in Montreal. I was really surprised to see that they had cheese curds which I've never seen before outside Quebec.

Their organic fruit and vegetable selection was surprisingly large. In my supermarket the organic produce consists of a few sad looking bunches of spinach and some bananas. Even though the prices were not cheap they were not outrageous either.

I got so many things there and I am so excited to lug them home and try them out. My suitcase will crammed full of food. I got:

-Devonshire cream
-Queso Fresco (Yay! First time I will taste this)
-Matcha powder (OMG this was so expensive! 30$ for a little tin and it wasn't even the organic version. I really want to make green tea ice cream though)
-Branson pickle (Never had it but it's quintessentially British so I had to buy it)
-Agave nectar (I've looked for this for ages. It's supposed to be a healthier sweetener since it hits your blood stream a lot more slowly than sugar)
-Cacao nibs (supposed to be full of antioxidants plus it's a new way to eat chocolate, always a plus)
-Champagne vinegar
-A bag of chocolate covered cherries and a bag of chocolate covered crystallized ginger
-A scone and a ciabatta bun

When I saw the bill I almost choked. There is a very good reason they call it "Whole Paycheck". Maybe it's a good thing they don't have one of these in Montreal because if they did I would go broke!

Here's the requisite shot of the symbol of Toronto, the CN Tower which I took as we were leaving the store.

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