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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Double Chocolate Jam Brownies


I am currently learning how to drive at the ripe old age of 28. Unfortunately we are still in the stone age and own a manual car. This leads to much cussing and me holding up traffic while I try to get the blasted car started again. Since chocolate will magically smooth away all crankiness I came home from a particularly rough driving lesson and made these brownies. While I wish that I had much more constructive way of coping with stress, say jogging or cleaning like some people I know, baking does have its own rewards. This recipe comes from a cookbook called “Cook in Boots”. I could not find a recipe online and since I don’t want to get sued I can’t post it. Sorry!

Double Chocolate Jam Brownies

Ingredient collage: butter, semi-sweet chocolate, brown sugar, white sugar and eggs.



As much as I love all things sugary made out of white flour they make my blood sugar crash. Since whole wheat flour makes baked goods taste more like hockey pucks I am trying out an enriched white flour blend. It has the texture of white flour but the fiber of whole wheat. Other than the fact that it is a little darker than white flour it pretty much has the same texture.


Here are all the ingredients together with some vanilla extract.


The batter.


The chocolate melted along with the butter.


All together now.


A handful of chocolate chips, hence the double chocolate in the recipe title.


I had just opened a new jar of jam which I wasn’t super crazy about. It was good but way too tart, so I decided to mix it in to the brownies for extra flavour.



I had to mix everything really well since the jam came out in one big gelatinous blob.


Ready to go in the oven.


After 35 minutes. I actually ended up using a bigger pan than what the recipe originally called for. Next time I will use an even bigger pan so everything cooks more evenly.



These came out very dense and are halfway between fudgey and cakey. The jam added a nice subtle flavour although next time I would add white chocolate chunks for more contrast instead of the chocolate chips. These are really good and they most definitely made up for my bad day! Tags: ,
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