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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Restaurant Review- The Oyster Shack


I love seafood so I was really happy that the blogger meetup group to which belong was going to The Oyster Shack. Then again, I did pick the restaurant. ;)




The Oyster Shack is a restaurant which tries to replicate the food and the atmosphere of an East Coast seafood shack. I think they succeed and the inside is nice and cozy. We went on a Friday night and it was lively but not too loud.


When we got there we found out that Martinis are only 5 dollars on Fridays. I had had a rough day on that Friday so this instantly made me perk up. My friend Irina had a dirty martini.


I had a lychee martini. They didn’t have any lychee juice so they used cranberry, hence why it was pink.


For my second martini I had a melon one.


I was starving by the time we ordered so I was more than happy when the bread was brought to the table. It was warm and crusty. I really appreciated the fact that it was warm since most restaurants serve stone cold bread; it was a nice touch. Service was a bit slow and it took roughly 45 minutes for all the appetizers to come. Unfortunately that always seems to be the case when eating out in a large group.


Fried Calamari.


Oysters Rockefeller.


Crab cake.


Clam Chowder.

I hadn’t ordered an appetizer and after seeing everyone’s food I was really wishing I had. Lucky the main course came soon after.




Fish and chips.


Lobster and steak surf and turf.


I had a bucket o’ scallops. Sorry about the blurry picture. It was deep fried scallops on top and fries on the bottom.


It actually came in a little silver bucket which was rather cute, along with two dipping sauces.


Lobster roll and fries.

The food was really good and the seafood was of good quality. The scallops were nice and tender with a light, crisp batter. Everyone else also really liked their food.


Since I had skipped the appetizers I decided to have dessert which was only two dollars more. I had a Tia Maria vanilla cake with chocolate icing. The cake came with candied citrus peel sprinkled on top and it was really good and not too heavy.


Vanilla custard. The custard had a top layer of caramel pudding with vanilla custard underneath.


Chocolate profiteroles. I forgot to ask whether or not that was ice cream or whipped cream.

All in all the food was delicious and more than worth the price. The seafood tasted fresh, not frozen and the scallops in particular had a great texture and were not rubbery like some restaurants make them. Everyone was happy with their meals and I most definitely will go back. Tags:
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