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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Black Currant Pound Cake


Whenever I see a fruit or vegetable that I don’t recognize in the grocery store I have a compulsion to buy some and then I’m not quite sure what to do with them. Usually if it’s a veggie I roast them, and if it’s a fruit I chuck them into a pound cake.


Seriously, you cannot go wrong with pound cake. When I saw these black currants I immediately wanted to try them.


But when I tasted one they were unpalatably sour. Since I adore cranberry pound cake, I decided to give the black currants the same treatment.


I always use Martha Stewart’s recipe. It is delicious, but you must absolutely use butter, no margarine. Maybe in some other recipes you can get away with margarine but in this recipe it is crucial.


Golden and delicious, the tart taste of the currants made an excellent contrast to the sweetness of the bread. Next time I see black currants in the grocery store, I must buy some and try this out again. Tags: ,

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