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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beef Ragu

Now for some man pleasing food. This time I made Beef Ragu. So simple I could make it with my eyes closed, well not really but you get the idea.

In the post above there are:

-Slice baby carrots (notice how they make cute little rounds)
-Half of a finely diced onion
-Sliced mushrooms (these come pre-washed and pre-sliced, such a time saver)
-Salt and Pepper
-Some garlic

I then let all the veggies browned and then added ground meat and let that brown.

On top of that I added a can of diced tomatoes along with the juice and plenty of vino (i.e. wine).

The whole thing simmered until reduced and I made The Husband some pasta to go with it.

I almost had forgotten to take a picture of this meal. I had made it just for The Husband and he was already chomping along when I remembered and said "STOP! I need to photograph your food!!". I believe that he now thinks that I have officially lost my mind.

Like I have mentioned on before, The Husband is terribly picky but pretty much anything with red meat will make him happy. This was not admittedly, one of my more elaborate meals but I usually cook two different meals at the same time and having two labour intensive meals usually equals chaos and us eating dinner 30-45 minutes late. This is a good stand-by meal when I'm short on ideas of what to make for him and so simple that I feel sort of guilty posting about it, as if my credentials as a foodie will be revoked for making something so basic.
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