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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Potato Coconut Milk Soup

This past weekend I was as sick as a dog with a cold so it was a good thing that I had made a batch of soup beforehand. I always seem to buy sweet potatoes when I am in the grocery store, yet I don't have a lot of recipes that use them. One advantage of sweet potatoes is that they cook much faster compared to potatoes and make a good base for pureed soup. In the pot above there was:

-Two big sweet potatoes
-One bag of pre-cut, pre-washed leeks (thank God they sell this because leeks are a pain to wash)
-Chicken broth

This all boiled away until the sweet potatoes were soft. The whole thing was then pureed together in my trusty Kitchenaid blender which my very nice husband got me for Christmas (yes, I actually ask for kitchen appliances for presents).

Everything got dumped back into the pot along with a can of coconut milk. Since it tasted a little bland I added cumin, coriander, some Sriracha hot sauce and a splash of lime juice (because I don't have any lemongrass in the house right now).

It's not the most glamorous looking soup but it was oh so comforting since I wasn't feeling well. The leeks made a nice change from onions and the lime juice really complimented the coconut milk. I'm glad I have another recipe with which to use up any stray sweet potatoes lurking in my pantry.
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