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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rocky Road Bars

The following Rocky Road Bar recipe is quite possibly the best thing ever. It has rocked my chocolate loving world. I am fully capable of rhapsodizing for hours about how good this but I have to first tell you all about the genesis of this creation.

It began with The Husband telling me that I needed to hurry up and eat my All-Bran flakes since they were probably getting stale. Since I had bought the box during one of my more healthy moments and I generally don't like cold cereal (paradoxically enough), I wanted to find a way to use them up in a recipe. Thus my version of this Rocky Road bars was born.

First of all I made dried strawberries and dried blueberries. I don't have a dehydrator but I dry fruit using the oven. It will take a while though. You spread the fruit out on a tray and leave it on the lowest possible heat for a few hours. I have always used any dried fruit that I have made this way in a recipe so I am not sure if it would keep in a cupboard though.

Now for the chocolate. This wonderful bowl of velvety goodness is a package of semi-sweet chocolate, a package of white chocolate and some milk chocolate chips all melted together in the microwave.

To this I added:

-1 cup or so of All-Bran flakes (for nutritional value and because they were the excuse for making this in the first place)
-1.5 cups of mini marshmallows
-1 cup or some of mixed dried apricots and raisins
-The dried blueberries and cherries that I had make
-I bought one of those bags of mixed mini chocolate bars and added the smarties (like M&Ms to you non-Canadians), coffee crisps and the Kit Kats.

I mushed the whole thing down in a pan and sprinkled chocolate jimmies on top.

The finished result. As Keats said, "a thing of beauty is a joy forever". How about another picture?

And just one more.

Dried fruit + crunchy cereal + chewy marshmallows + candy bars + chocolate + sprinkles = instant winner. To paraphrase Winston it's chewiness wrapped up in crunchiness inside chocolatyness (yes, I know that's not a real word). This was quite possibly the best excuse ever to use up cereal. If you are a choco/sugar freak this will totally satisfy your cravings.
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