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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Clam Pizza and Pepperoni Pizza

When I first met The Husband, he thought that pizza was meant to be thick and squishy. After much coaxing he agreed to try thin crust pizza and he saw it was good. Then he tried my homemade thin crust pizza and he saw that was even better. The secret to homemade pizza: a pizza stone. It's a 10 dollar investment which will last for ages (unless you get it wet and stick it in the oven. Then it will go CRACK), and which will give you super crispy crusts.

The last few times I made pizza I doubled the dough so I have a few batches of frozen dough in the freezer. I also had frozen some extra pizza sauce so the pizzas didn't take long to make. Please observe my nearly perfect circle of pizza dough, yes I know, not perfect but as good as it will get. Usually I roll out my pizza dough and it comes out as more of an oval so I was quite proud of this picture.

This was The Husband's pizza. He requested that I inform you all that he is a Meatatarian. If anyone remembers that Wendy's commercial you will know what I mean. His lifelong quest is to put as many kinds of meat on his pizza as possible. He scours the fridge and uses whatever deli meat he finds. On his pizza above there is pepperoni, prosciutto and pancetta on top of a thick carpet of mozzarella. He would have put sausage except we were out and he forgot to unfreeze the Canadian bacon. Please don't ask me to calculate the saturated fat grams in this because my calculator might just break trying to do it.

This is my, ahem, slightly more refined pizza. I had white pizza years and years ago and I have tried to do something along those lines. My pizza had:

-Fresh mozzarella (the soft wobbly stuff)
-Goat cheese
-Roasted garlic, smeared on
-Green onions
-Baby clams
-Red chili flakes

I usually make a pizza with a ton of veggies and then toss ham on but I felt like making something different this time. Both of our pizzas went in a 500 degree oven for roughly 12 minutes. Here are the finished results:

His and...


The cheese actually started dripping off my pizza and onto the oven floor. Which means I will have to clean it very, very soon (drats!). Here are some more pics:

The husband was hungry and couldn't wait to take a bite of his, I managed to stop him before he ate his entire slice so I could take a photograph.

My pizza was pretty good. The only thing was that I was still hungry after eating it since I'm used to pizza with more toppings; I'm one those people who needs lots of protein to be full. The pizza was so good with the gooey mozzarella and the tangy goat cheese. I'm going to vary the toppings next time but I'll definitively put goat cheese on pizza again.
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